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Cheese Tasting: Tom Badcock

Cheese Tasting: Tom Badcock

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Thursday 02 March 2017, 6pm - 9pm C316 (Tait Building)

Tom Badcock is the ultimate cheese aficionado and supplier of the finest cheeses to some of the best hotels and michellin star restaurants in the UK. Tom is going to take you through the fascinating process of cheesemaking. Get ready to try everything from a fresh cheese made before your very eyes to ancient, stinky, fermented whoppers! This demonstration will punch you straight in the taste buds and cast light on the mysteries of our fermented friend! 

Come and join us and learn about this magnificent decay!!

£6 per head... for your money you are going to get stuffed full of cheese and bread. There will also be wine available, more info to follow on that..


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