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RAG (Raising And Giving)

The Students’ Union supports a dedicated charitable fundraising network led by student volunteers, called City Students’ Union RAG. RAG is short for Raising And Giving, and we make it our mission to make fundraising fun and accessible to all students, whilst also raising lots of money for some great causes.

The RAG Board is led by the elected Students’ Union RAG Officer. This student-run board oversees the charity fundraising work of City Students’ union’s societies (including RAG societies) and autonomous RAG Projects in their charitable work, and the board also organises official RAG charity fundraising events in RAG Weeks and during the academic year. The RAG Board supports a network of student fundraisers called RAG Team Volunteers. Any student can sign up to join the team if they are interested in volunteering at official RAG events. <Get involved in the RAG Team>

RAG Societies are student-led communities, supported by the Students’ Union dedicated to supporting particular charitable causes. Any student can become a member of a RAG Society by paying the society’s membership fee on the Students’ Union website. <Apply to start a Society>

RAG Projects are one-off or short term activities led by students and supported by the Students’ Union, with an aim to raise money for a particular charity. Some are led by societies, and others are independent from student groups. <Apply to start a RAG Project>