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University Challenge Team 2017

Oliver Jackson                    Nicholas Brown                  Tommy Seagull                        Hossein Sharafi


         Aidan Hocking       


City's University Challenge Team

After a series of trials, we are pleased to announce our University Challenge who will compete in the 2017 Television Series!


Oliver Jackson, GDL, City Law School

Nicholas Brown, Aeronautics PhD, School of Mathematics, Computer Science and Engineering

Jay Seagull, GDL, City Law School

Hossein Sharafi, GDL, City Law School

Aidan Hocking, GDL, City Law School (Reserve)


The Team will be taking part in the 2017 series and represent City, University of London, and we wish them the best of luck.


We asked the team why they put themselves forward and what they're most looking forward to:

"University Challenge is a unique and slightly strange icon of British Monday night TV. It combines intense geekdom with televised competition. What's not to love? [I'm looking forward to] getting the nameplate with my surname on it. And seeing Paxman in action, obviously." - Oliver

"I want to be on the show because I've always really enjoyed watching it and trying to answer the questions at home, and would really like an oppurtunity to try the real thing" - Hossein

"I caught the University Challenge bug (it's highly contagious!) last year when I travelled up to the studios in Manchester to watch my brother (who was captain of the team from Emmanuel College, Cambridge) compete on this year's series." - Tommy

"I've been a fan of U.C. for ever and it's a big deal in my family, I have applied to be on my previous University team before (unsuccessfully) as well. [I'm looking forward to] getting berated by Paxman for answering an easy question wrong." - Nick

"I just love quizzes. My parents used to watch University Challenge as a kid, my brother was on his university (Aberystwyth) team and we enter our local pub quiz at home as a group so I guess it runs in the family. Obviously University Challenge is one of the hardest on television so it would be great to see if I could make it at that level. We'll see if we make it to TV and of course I'm the reserve but actually being asked a question by Jeremy Paxman puts you in some pretty crazy company if you count all the people he's interviewed over the years." - Aidan


City's Last University Challenge Appearance:

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