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Interfaith Month “Send a Smile”

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One of the highlight events of Interfaith month was called ‘Send a Smile’. I wanted to bring everybody together, not just from one community or religion but all communities and all religions to craft cards for terminally ill children. We collaborated with Postal Pals which is a charity that invites members of the public to send cards, letters or little gifts, to seriously ill children to make them smile and feel less isolated.

I saw how emotionally attached students got to the children, reading their page which included their interests, hobbies, biography etc. The event was well received by the attendees, some attendees took their time to make the cards while others came to show support and good will towards the children.

This shows the power that a little bit of time from a number of students can make a real difference to children and want to encourage you all to get involved in the other activities and events over Inter-faith Month which can be found at:

Children are content with the least of things, gold and mud are the same in their eyes”

Zulkaif Riaz

Vice-President Activities & Development




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