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Now recruiting: RAG Reps!

RAG Board Applications for 2017-18

The RAG Board is currently recruiting!

**Deadline for applications: Tuesday 20th June at 6pm**

Visit City Students' Union's RAG page


- What positions are available?

RAG Events Rep – Leads on the planning of RAG Week events, with a focus on making them creative, fun, and social, whilst still raising significant totals for supported charities.

RAG Charities Rep – Liaises with charities and other organisations in order to secure partnerships, sponsorship, or resources which will help RAG to run its activities. Investigates charities that RAG may be interested to support.

RAG Communications Rep – Uses digital and on-site communication methods to ensure that RAG has a strong brand and presence on campus, and to ensure that the RAG Board communicates well with students, volunteers, and with RAG Societies and Projects

RAG Volunteers Rep – Leads recruitment of new volunteers to RAG along with their personal development and the development of the community

RAG Collections Rep – Organises on-and-off-site bucket collections activity, and keeps track of all funds raised, with a focus on maximising financial efficiency of activities and total charitable funds raised


- Why become a RAG Rep?

You will have the opportunity to gain skills and experience that will look great on your CV. Also, you will meet like-minded students and work as a team to raise money for great causes.


- What prior experience do I need?

No prior experience is required for these roles - just enthusiasm for charity fundraising!

However, if you have been involved in charity fundraising, please say so on your application form!


- How do I apply?

Download This Form - complete it and send it to before Tuesday 20th June

Please direct any queries to 



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