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Terrorist Incident in Finsbury Park

As you may be aware, a terrorist attack has occurred in the Finsbury Park area, where worshipers close to Muslim Welfare House were attacked. We would like to express our sorrow on this horrific incident and we offer our support to any students who were affected by the attack. If you require any support, please feel free to contact us (through social media, phone or email), as we’re here for you. We would also like to remind all students to remain vigilant and stay safe.

The Chaplaincy Team is offering a space for people to come and pray, reflect, or simply hold silence.  If you would find that helpful, you are invited to visit the Multi-Faith Room in City Faith Centre, located opposite the Courtyard on Tait Level One, between 1-2pm on Tuesday, 20th June. If you’d like speak to someone from the Chaplaincy, Ian from the Chaplaincy Team will be available during the day and specifically at that time. The Quiet Reflection Room in City Faith Centre is also available for use at any point in the day.

Yusuf, Zain & Sheikh