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Firstly, I would like to thank you all for the continuous support and encouragement you provide for my team and I in attending events and getting your memberships. An additional gratitude for those who attended our most recent event #ChatBackACS on the 7th February 2017. For those who missed this event, i asked if anyone was interested to join our ACS team. The positions available and responsibilities are listed below:


2 Sports Captains (3 co-workers) those who take an interest in sports, fitness and healthy nutrition or may even be doing a degree in sports science (or any other science) this may be the role for you. We are looking for team members who are ready to encourage our ACS members in healthy living. The next academic year we will be having various sports events such as Fun day, Sports day, Exercise day, athletic inspired fundraisers and for those looking to loose weight we will be having workshops which will help provide nutritional advice to our members. 


Head of entertainment (+4 co-workers) this role you will need to be highly organised and very particular. You will be in charge of planning events such as the first meet and greet in September and other smaller events. You will also be involved in planing large events such as Black history month, talent shows, winter and summer balls/ raves. So if your driven, and have a wild imagination and very creative this is for you


Social Secretary (+4 co workers+) for those who are social media frenzies this is role may interest you. The key responsibility for this role is  getting our planned events out to the public.You will be in charge of advertisement on all social media accounts as well as posters around university, you will also record and photograph our events and publish it onto our social media. Similar to the fundraising team, you will look for ways to gain more members  for our society through social media. (if you are talented in graphic designs let me know as your skills will come in handy when designing posters, t shirts and other merchandise for the society)



Education and Councillor coordinators (+2 co workers) if you compassionate, ambitious and care about BME in the workplace this is the role for you. As Education Councillor, you will be in charge of liaising with companies who partake in BME  or equal opportunities. Your responsibility is to ensure and prepare our ACS members for working life, teach our members on how to write their CV. You will also be working very closely with our Careers office in the university to provide opportunities for our members. Similarly as a Councillor, you are the first protocol for members who are finding it difficult to socialize within the university as well as the society. You will ensure every member is comfortable and happy in the society. Any concerns members have you are the first to hear of it and the person to deal with it. Furthermore you will be involved in creating study dates for January exams and May exams, and connecting like for like students together (for example a 3rd year studying law can help a first year studying law in revision)


Finance and Accounts manager (+2 co workers) specifically if you are good with numbers or studying accounting and finance or any sort of degree in that category we most definitely need you. Your main responsibility would be to work closely with the finance officer in creating budget reports for the society. This includes, working out the estimate cost for an event, expenses e.c.t. Furthermore you will work alongside with the fundraising team and will look for ways to ensure society stays financially a float in order to continue to provide fantastic events. 


Fundraising team (+10 co workers) Your main responsibility is raising capital for the society as well as charities our society will be sponsoring. You will the face of the society. Working close with the Social Secretary, Head of Entertainment and Finance and Accounts manager you will execute their ideas as well as help promote the society. As a team you will also create fundraising ideas of your own. 


In total there would be 10 leader roles of each sub team (2 leaders for each) and if you do not get the leader role you will most certainly have a position within the society. In order to apply please send us an email no more than 250 words titling ACS POSITION- *STATE POSITION* , stating what position you want to apply for and why you are most suited for that position. Personally I am looking for a team members who are driven and are ready to put their all into the society in order to ensure it is a success and continues to prosper for the following years to come. I am looking for team players and creative people, and in general people who are fun to be around and easy to work with. 


Positions close on the 17th of February 2017 00.59 and we will get back to you on the 20th February 2017. Successful candidates will be invited for their first ever meeting with me and the rest of the team on the 22nd of February. 


I look forward to hearing from you all


From Tobi-Anne Sogeke 

ACS President 


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