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Programme Reps

Every Programme in City, University of London elects one or more Programme Representatives

The Programme Representative will represent students on that course at the course’s ‘Staff-Student Liaison Committee’, and to the course director/teaching staff. 

Your lecturer will let you know about this opportunity in the first few weeks of your course and how to put yourself forward. Any student can put themselfes forward to be a Programme Rep!

Programme Reps are incredibly important because they make sure that the student voice is heard on each course across the University. Programme Reps are key to making sure that the University is constantly listening to, and responding to, student feedback.

  • Is something not working on your course? Or is something working really well and you want more of it? Your Programme Rep would let your course staff know so that they can act on it.

Being a Programme Rep is a great development opportunity, as the Students’ Union trains and supports over 600 Programme Reps across the Institution each year.

  • Through the training, Programme Reps are equipped with the skills they will need, find out about the resources available to help them, and given advice and support as they represent students to achieve positive change on their course.

Even if you do not want to be a Programme Rep, you should know who your Programme Rep is. Once Programme Reps are elected in the first 3 weeks of term, they should make themselves known to you on your course.

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