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Student Policy

This page contains all the Policy that has been passed by students at AGM, Executive Committee and Student Council Meetings. 

If you are seeking Union policy, including operational policy, please click here


Policy Name Passed by Policy Lapse Date Progress Tracker
Alchoholic Code Of Conduct for Sports Clubs & Societies Executive Committee    
Environmental Policy Executive Committee    
Order of the Carrot Executive Committee    
Safe Space Executive Committee    
Friday Prayer on Campus AGM November 2014    
Supporting Students of Faith AGM November 2014    
Lower Fees for Graduation AGM November 2014    
Drama Society Access to the Performance Space AGM November 2014    
Provide More Notice of AGMs AGM November 2014    
Support for Student Leaders AGM November 2014    
Support for Students at Pure City AGM November 2014    
TEDx Conference

AGM November 2014

To Allocate Additional Funds to CULSU AGM November 2014    
To Revise the City University Timetabling Policy AGM November 2014    
To Campaign for Free Education AGM November 2014    
External Speaker Policy AGM November 2014    
Access to CitySport for the Students' Union AGM November 2015    
Halal Food in all City University Food Outlets AGM November 2015    
Reforming the Representation & Implementation of Students Faith Needs on Campus AGM November 2015    
Rejection the Counter Terrorism & Security Act 2015 and Tackling Islamophobia AGM November 2015    
The Right to Education without Discrimination of Religious Needs AGM November 2015    
Women Only Gym Sessions AGM November 2015    
Zero Tolerance to Sexual Harassment & Lad Culture AGM November 2015    
Designated Smoking Areas GM February 2016    
The Right to Organise an Event Facilitating Students to Observe and Celebrate Friday (Jumu'ah, the holy day for Muslims) GM February 2016    
Fairness and Transparency for Research Student Teachers

GM February 2016

A Response to Brexit AGM November 2016    
City SU Shop Opening Hours AGM November 2016    
Computer Labs AGM November 2016    
Embed Employability in the Curriculum on all Courses AGM November 2016    
Hidden Course Costs AGM November 2016    
Lecture Capture For All Courses AGM November 2016    
Longer Opening Hours and More Resources For The Library AGM November 2016    
Opposing Fascism & Social Divisiveness In The UK Media AGM November 2016    
Prayer Facilities For Evenings & Weekends AGM November 2016    
Programme Representatives: Training, Support and Rewards AGM November 2016    
Societies' Resources AGM November    
Welfare Provisions and Mental Health AGM November 2016    
Why Is My Curriculum White? AGM November 2016    
Opposing Prejudice In The Media Through Education GM February 2017    
Sodexo Monopoly Catering GM February 2017