Welcome Week / Society events

You run the show.

One of the best things about us at City Students' Union is that we're run by our students. They set the direction and lead the way. Now, it's all about them. City's societies have got a great lineup of events.

thu 28 /

Health Sciences Coffee Drop In

11:00-14:00 / CityBar, Northampton Square

Speech and Language Therapy Society

About to start on a City University Health Sciences course or a returning student? Grab a caffeine injection and some free snacks with the Speech and Language Therapy Society; and take the chance to meet other students from your course.

free /

Meet & Greet

15:30-18:30 / Outside the Main Entrance, Northampton Square

Palestinian Society

Come and join us for our first Palestinian Cultural Event of the Year - Meet us outside the main entrance to experience an unforgettable evening full of Palestinian Refreshments, Dabke, quizzes and more

free /

Meet & Greet

17:00-19:00 / CityBar, Northampton Square

Canadian American Law Society

This CALS’ social mixer is the place to have fun meeting fellow law students, in a relaxed setting. Take advantage of this early networking opportunity, which may help you secure a mentorship, Pro Bono position, a work-placement, and a friend to support you throughout your legal education!

free /

Games Night

18:00-23:00 / Saddlers Hall, CitySport, POST CODE

Tamil Society

Come join us City Sport to play games that are widely played across the northern part of Sri Lanka and the Southern part of India.

free /

Fri 29 /

Pub Quiz

16:00-19:00 / CityBar, Northampton Square

Shorinji Kempo Society

City Shorinji Kempo Society is inviting you to explore the world of Shorinji Kempo. Join us for a spectacular demonstration and take your chance at winning a martial arts teddy bear in our pub quiz at CityBar. Everyone is welcome!

Free /

Movie and Pizza Night

17:00-20:00 / C305, Northampton Square

Enactus Society

The meeting will start off with a presentation about Enactus, key dates and the overall understanding, accompanies with Pizza and soft drinks. Followed by a movie and some snacks.

£3.00 / Enquire for tickets

Sat 30 /

Welcome Picnic in the Park

15:00-17:00 / meet at Regent’s Park Underground Station

Future Frontiers Society

Come around to Regent’s park for a meet and greet! Expect ice breakers, lots of food, and a friendly atmosphere. A great way to meet new people and enjoy one of London’s largest parks (weather permitting). We will be wearing Future Frontiers T-shirts by Regent’s Park station.

free /

Mon 2 /

Welcome Evening

18:00-21:00 / C307, Northampton Square

Computer and Games Society

The Computer & Gaming Society will be holding it’s first meet up of this year! Come check us out if you love to game, whether you’re a Fifa addict, COD fanatic, Fooseball champ or just enjoy an exciting game of cards! There will be food too, so come along!

free /

Welcome Picnic

10:00-14:00 / meet at the Main Entrance, Northampton Square, then Hyde Park

Malaysian Society

We're is proud to host our annual Welcome Picnic for the year 2017. Bring along your friends, Malaysian or not, to this social event where you can mingle with students of all years from various backgrounds, bounded by the Malaysian pride in us.

free /

tue 3 /

Welcome Evening

19:00-21:00 / Location will be confirmed soon

Erasmus Student Network

People, food and fun. Students from all over the world gathering to share food/drink from their own respective activities. Activities will be led by the society and there will be opportunity to mingle and get to know new students. Don’t miss our first event of the year!

free /

Eyes Breaker 2017-18

16:00-19:00 / CityBar, Northampton Square


Time to kick off the first Optometry Society event of the year! This will be a laid-back event where you can get to know other students. Networking is a great way to actually get to know all those people you’ve always meant to say hi to - which is great for when you’re stuck with your coursework! Join us for free pizza and soft drinks as well as games and prizes!

free /

Wed 4 /

Meet & Greet

17:00-19:00 / CityBar, Northampton Square

Economics Society

Come join the Economics Society for our meet and greet in City Bar. There will be plenty of games like beer pong, as well as a karaoke for the bravest of you.

free /

thu 5 /

Tech Soc goes to Monzo Bank

18:00-20:00 / B103, Northampton Square

Tech Society

Winner: Best New Society 2017

This year, City Tech Soc are heading to the brand new Monzo Bank offices! With guest speakers from various job titles, to free food and drinks. You will have the opportunity to meet new people, learn new things and gain new contacts. This will be an event not to be missed!

free /

Welcome Meeting

17:00-19:00 / A110, Northampton Square

Albanian Society

New to City Students' Union this year, come and meet your Albanian Society, where members wil get to know each other, make new friends and enjoy the snacks which will be provided!

free /

What would you do if you had 24 hours to live?

18:15-06:30 / C304, Northampton Square

Krishna Consciousness Society

Shortlisted: Society of the Year 2017

KCSoc is ready and cannot wait for another jam-packed year of Think Out Loud sessions, yoga, mantra meditation, retreats, trips abroad, great food and lifelong friends. It all kicks off with our first event.

free /

fri 6 /

Welcome Meeting

16:30-19:30 / Briki Café, EC1R 4QL

Hellenic-Cypriot Society

This society aims to help students from greece and cyprus to meet each other, support each other and do activities that remind them their home country. Furthermore, we invite students from other countries to meet hellenic and cypriot culture.

free /

Karbala, An Untold Story

17:00-20:00 / B103, Northampton Square

Madinah Society

Shortlisted: Most Improved Society 2017

The Madinah Society is the Sunni Muslim Society at City University. We will be hosting this event where you can meet the new committee and we will also have a guest speaker coming to give us an understanding of the importance of Muharram and the event of Karbala.

free /

Mon 9 /

Welcome Meeting

12:00-15:00 / Location will be confirmed

Jewish Society

Come join City/Cass Jewish Society (J-Soc) for this year's first event taking place in our very own Sukkah (hut) on campus!! Pop in, introduce yourself and enjoy the Sukkah ambiance....Plenty of pizza and refreshments to go around. We’re ecstatic to meet you - Lots of love the J-Soc Team! Visitors are welcome too.

free /


Frequently Asked Questions


Everything Else

What we do

We listen to students, and work with the University to make it better. When students come to us with issues or improvements, we make sure that the University knows. New prayer rooms, student facilities, and the reissuing of exam marks were all of the things we've helped our students get just this year.

Who we are

We’re run by students. A student-elected team of officers lead a plucky team of staff to make your time at City so much better. If you need a host of activities for the good times and support for the bad, we’re here for you. We’re politically independent from the uni and represent your views. If you need us, we’ve got your back.