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Statement on Fire Safety at City

Following the tragic fire at Grenfell Tower, I am writing to provide some reassurance about the cladding and fire safety of both City build

Your Sabbatical Officers' final message

What a year it has been! It’s flown by, and sadly we’ve landed on our Sabbatical Officers’ last day today. All three of them have worked in

Terrorist Incident in Finsbury Park

A Statement from City Students' Union

Grenfell Tower fire – University statement

A statement on the Grenfell Tower fire by the President of City, University of London

Student Wins
Win: Here's where you can find the new desk spaces

City Students’ Union has been working with City, University of London around the closure of the Graduate Library space that occurred in Sep

After you said the Uni made the wrong choice, we stepped in

Zain Ismail, your Vice President, Education, tell us how he managed to reverse some unfair marks that were given out in a couple of modules

Wins: Extended hours for food at CityBar

Sheikh explains our latest bit of good news for our students


Speak to one of our officers

Find a part-time officer who specialises in the area you'd like to change, or take it to the top and go directly to our Sabbatical Officers. Find their emails, and get writing!

Chat to your School Rep

If there's anything in your school, course, or modules that you'd like to have a say on, our School Reps are the best people to take your issue forward. You can also grab one of our hundreds of Programme Reps during lectures.

Submit a paper to Union Council

Get your change voted on! The Union Council is a group of our elected Officers who meets and votes on the big issues. Contact the Union Council Chair at

Get a pointer

Talk to the staff in the Students' Union directy. If we don't have the answer, we'll know the right person who does. Pop in and see us on Level 1, Tait, Northampton Square.